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Welcome to Rad Wolf Gravel.

This will be a place where I will share my expeditions, trips, races and all rides. I hope to capture my experience and emotions as authentic as possible and tell my story.

Who am I?

Born and raised in South Africa and now a Connecticut resident since 2005. I started riding my bike to school when I was 7yrs old. Playing bikes, commuting to different places and also some cool fishing adventures with friends during summer vacations was some of the highlights of my youth growing up! Enjoying summer vacations at my cousins place racing BMX bikes... So yeah, riding bikes has been part of me for many years. I started racing competitively at a young age and have been now competing for almost 20 plus years. Jumping forward and in recent years it has shifted to much more endurance racing / riding long enjoyable miles with awesome friends but still with a bunch of competitiveness for me to enjoy. Since the pandemic of 2020 the cycling world has simply exploded in popularity and with some great new adventures on the horizon. People found ways to challenge themselves to their limits again. I am now in search of new horizons and limits and this is my story.

What do I do?

I am a full time athlete, cycling coach. I find great pleasure in seeing others enjoy and prosper in this sport I love so dearly. Sharing my knowledge I have gathered through the many explorations, trials and errors I hope for you to find a nugget you can apply to your riding.

What do I enjoy outside of cycling?

I love nature, animals and all of humanity. I am actively exploring overland trips with back packing cycling.

I will share all my adventures in the world of endurance cycling and mostly my full season or year of training, preparing and planning for race/events. You can follow me on my Instagram page for more photos and older adventures.