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Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, win a race, or maintain the long-lasting effects of training, there are guiding principles to help you get there.


Based on my 20 plus years of training and 6 years of coaching, I’ve seen all the pitfalls
—and have experienced them myself.


I created the Four Pillar Foundation to provide my athletes with the guidelines to develop balance, strength, and fitness integrity. It is easier to maintain this lifestyle with these practices and balanced throughout your years of training.





Mental Toughness

Through one-on-one consultation, we’ll identify and address barriers to success such as:

Pre-event/pre-race jitters

Push through a difficult workout

Build mental stamina

Physical Adaptation

Understand how behaviors affect adaptation and change riding performance.

Identify stressors that are holding you back

Develop efficiencies that will transfer more power to the bike through testing

Build resilience to barriers of performance 

Fuel Your Body 

Learn the basics of performance nutrition and identify the signals that indicate the
need for a change in your diet.


Create your optimal pre/during/post nutrition regime

Understand your metabolic needs and fuel them accordingly

Define the optimal timing of your performance nutrition



Mobility & Movement

If you’re serious about maintaining your health and pushing your body to reach peak performance,
you need an “off-the-bike” practice to counter the demands of cycling training.


Address nagging imbalances

Prevent injury

Improve cycling efficiency


Amanda, road, gravel and mountain biker.

"With 20 years of riding experience, I went into Chris' program considering myself to be fairly knowledgeable. Chris' 4-pillars principles have taught me lessons about myself, my physiology, and the way that I think, that will have a positive, long-term impact on my riding ability." 


Chris Skelly,

road cyclist 

When I first started cycling, I thought that being a better cyclist was all about building strength and fitness.  As I worked with Chris, I realized there is so more to learn by paying attention to all of the 4 pillars.  I now know the importance of proper hydration and fuel before, during and after rides and how it affects performance.  I have had my share of ups and downs including injuries that shook my confidence but have drawn on the mental strength I have developed by surviving tough rides, challenging competitive events and workouts that seemed impossible.



Triathlete, road cyclist. 

Chris has been my coach for three years. I credit him and his four pillar program with my ability to finish a full Ironman triathlon. I would never have achieved that long-time goal without his coaching.”

-Greg Bombassei, triathlete for over 20 years

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