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Start your
12-week training program now and get a free event-ready evaluation.

If you're looking for a super-charged program to help you clear out the cobwebs and catch up to the front of the peloton, you found it!

January is the time of year when you want to set goals, sign up for races, and set a plan to get back on course. To help you get there, we're offering an intensive 12-week plan to get the confidence and fitness you'll need for those springtime events
(and beyond).


For a discounted rate of $144/month, you'll get:

A complete training schedule on Today's Plan Smart Training System 

Access to our VL Community and invitations to local group rides and events

A free FTP test and race evaluation

A discount to the Natchaug Epic Gravel Race
(Space limited, act now to get your discount!)

This offer good through January 31, 2023


Let's Get Started

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