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Gravel Racing and Adventures 

Gravel is surging in popularity and making it the number 1 category in recreational cycling. Still not sure if you want to get involved, here are 5 reasons to help convince you. 

  • All Bikes are welcome 

  • Amazing scenery 

  • Gravel rides are great social times 

  • Some of the best races are on Gravel 

  • Off road trips lead to great destinations

2022 MidSouth 100_0131_edited.jpg
Parallel Lines

Ride the Dirt.  The Gift of Gravel.

2022 MidSouth 100_0131_edited.jpg

Shredding it on Gravel  

Nothing will test your limits and push your ability like an endurance gravel ride. The challenge of gravel is what makes people gravitate toward events like Unbound, The MidSouth, and Belgian Waffle Ride. It’s EPIC.

And training for gravel is not just road cycling on dirt. There are various disciplines specific to gravel, which we focus on for those looking at gravel adventure or events as their key focal point.

This program focuses on:

  • endurance and sub-threshold steady-state fitness

  • leg strength for loose surface seated climbing ability

  • technical skill for dirt handling

  • mental toughness for rides often longer than 5-6 hours in duration

  • nutrition and hydration strategies for long distance events

Recommended Program Level:

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